Callisto announces Market-wide Half-Hourly data services partnership with OVO

3rd October 2023

Callisto, a leader in regulated data services in the energy sector, has been selected to provide new Smart Data Services (SDS) and Advanced Data Services (ADS) for OVO.

The partnership between Callisto, a part of M Group Services Energy Division, and OVO, a leading energy supplier in the UK, is a key part of the ongoing transformation of the energy landscape.

The partnership will contribute to a more cost-effective electricity system, encouraging flexible use of energy by residential consumers, as the industry works to achieve the UK’s net zero target.

The five-year agreement builds on the existing relationship between Callisto and OVO. Callisto will work as the trusted custodian of settlement activities, overseeing and supporting settlement operations.

Stephen Burke, Managing Director of Callisto, said: "This partnership is a significant leap forward within the industry and cements OVO’s commitment to providing cutting-edge solutions for its customers.

"We are proud to be chosen as OVO’s strategic partner reflecting our joint dedication to the MHHS programme."

This collaboration promises to reflect both businesses’ shared commitment to innovation, reliability, and customer-centric solutions. We have a proven track record of delivering excellence in regulated managed data services. Our selection as OVO’s trusted partner reinforces our industry-leading position.



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using the latest technology.

Experts in settlement performance - since our market inception, we’ve consistently demonstrated an exemplary record, with a robust settlement process that complements our customers best practice for customer services and billing.

Ensuring data security is at the core of our operations. We ensure the integrity and security of customer information by designing security into our systems and processes. This is further supported through the use of secure data centres. 

Our Data Management services are delivered with a comprehensive quality assurance commitment. Business management processes are certified to ISO 9001 and information security management systems are certified to ISO 27001 providing complete security assurance.