M Group Services’ latest addition expands the capabilities of its data management service.

30th August 2022

M Group Services announces it has acquired the trade and assets of Salient Systems Limited, a specialist provider of technology solutions to the UK utilities metering market including its proprietary software, people and client contracts, to add further capabilities to its data management offering.

Founded in 2001 and based in Newcastle, Salient has worked successfully with Callisto, a part of M Group Services’ Energy Division, for several years. Callisto is the UK’s market leading insight and regulated data management provider to energy suppliers. The existing relationship with Salient has been instrumental in recent innovations including the development of Callisto's market leading Elective Half Hourly Settlement service and complementary insight products.

The transferring assets will be incorporated into Callisto under the leadership of Richard Orna, Managing Director. With clients including energy suppliers and metering asset owners, the acquisition will enhance M Group Services’ offering for the market-wide half hourly programme being implemented from 2024. The business will monitor energy usage half hourly through a cloud-based solution, as the industry transitions towards net-zero.

M Group Services Chief Executive Jim Arnold commented: “Acquisitions are a fundamental part of our growth strategy as we continue to enhance the scope and scale of the Groups capabilities. This addition, which will become part of Callisto, will enhance our capability and capacity to provide a unique, market-leading offering to our clients, specifically a Market-wide Half Hourly Settlement service as the industry transitions towards net-zero.”

The acquisition of trade and assets from Salient Systems’ will take the total number of acquisitions made by M Group Services to 17 since December 2016. 

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