HHDC/DA - Half Hourly Data Collection and Data Aggregation.

Callisto are accredited by Elexon as a Party Agent to provide HH Data Collection and Data Aggregation services to electricity suppliers trading in the regulated GB market. 

Our services include:

• Traditional Half Hourly - P272
• Elective Half Hourly

The introduction of smart meters in all domestic premises means that half hourly settlement will be possible for domestic energy customers as part of the Market Wide Half Hourly Settlement (MWHHS) initiative outlined by Ofgem.
Accurate and timely half-hourly consumption data from smart metering could significantly improve the quality of settlement - encouraging efficient use of energy and innovation.

using the latest technolagy.

Experts in settlement performance - since our market inception, we’ve consistently demonstrated an exemplary record, with a robust settlement process that complements our customers best practice for customer services and billing.

Ensuring data security is at the core of our operations. We ensure the integrity and security of customer information by designing security into our systems and processes. This is further supported through the use of secure data centres. 

Our Data Management services are delivered with a comprehensive quality assurance commitment. Business management processes are certified to ISO 9001 and information security management systems are certified to ISO 27001 providing complete security assurance.