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  • Proven Track Record - continued Settlement success with a near 100% renewal rate on contracts
  • Experts in Settlement Performance - we demonstrate an exemplary record, with a robust settlement process that complements our customer’s best practices for customer services & billing
  • Large-scale Transition Experience - proven expertise in mobilising large-scale Data Management services
  • Proprietary Systems - fully supported systems through in house IT, allowing an agile approach to maintaining and developing our evolving services
  • Resilient Expertise - since 2000 we have never; missed a Settlements Run, failed to schedule D0095 runs or failed produce D0023s to send to Data Collectors
  • Multi-site Delivery - operations in Nottingham, Noida & Newcastle, creating resourcing resilience
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Our Data Management services are delivered with a comprehensive quality assurance commitment. Business management processes are certified to ISO 9001 and information security management systems are certified to ISO 27001 providing complete security assurance.


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industry experts in data management

Callisto has, and continues to invest heavily in advanced technologies, including the launch of a new Half Hourly platform, which will facilitate innovative services in the market, including Elective Half-Hourly settlement.